Website Design Course in Kolkata

There are very few careers in  IT sector which has been there  since the arrival of internet and web. The of of that time was not so advanced  what we see today. It was so simple, one does not have to bother about CSS and Div etc. Only HTML coding was enough and that too there were limited tags. One was limited to use those tags and the web was boring.

Just imagine in the beginning one could  not use image in the website .How the website would look that time.

    Later image was introduced in website design.Using of Image changed the web altogether. Website started to look eye-catching and beautiful. SInce to use the image one needed software to manage and give special effects in the image. Photoshop and other software was used .

Day by day the website was getting improved. In the meantime, table came into being with the website design. One has to design the website template and convert the design into   table form. I myself have used this technique for long time. Microsoft Frontpage was great software that time to use for website design.

    The arrival of CSS was proved to be milestone in the arena of website. It was really easy to design a website as well as maintain the website because from a centralized place one  can manage its layout. One would not have to go to each and every page to change the design.

Macromedia flash( Now it’s Adobe Animation) was really a cool software using which one could design a website which was animated. Flash intro and animated banners and menus all was possible through flash. That time hardly you would see any website which not might be using flash. The website which was not using flash was boring and monotonous.

    Initially SEO or Digital marketing  was not so important. Search engine was not so popular. The competition was very less. One would remember the  name of the website and type into address bar. Search was not so important that time.

    As the competition grew and more and more people started to use internet. The concept of search engine came. There is always problem with the flash with search engines. Search Engines would not be able to  crawl the content  of the flash. And that proved to be the biggest disadvantage for flash. And not only that, flash started to be out from marketing and use.

Website designer started to miss  animation because flash drawback. Then came the good news as a form of Jquery. Jquery is still in use and day by day it's improving. With the use of Jquery one can design an interactive website.  Userfiendly and interactivity can be done through jquery.

One more important change came  into the field was the arrival of HTML5 and CSS3. And also bootstrap.  With the help of CSS3 and Bootstrap one can design responsive website.

    In Kolkata, there are hundreds of website design companies which design websites for their clients. There are few small and and there are few  medium ones and even MNCs. They all work on  website design and website development.

At one hand company requires skilled  professionals so that  they can work for their clients and on the other  hand  there is various  Web Design training institutes in Kolkata which  provides advance and Industrial web design course in Kolkata.

Acesoftech Academy is a  leading web design training institute in Kolkata which provides advanced and Industrial  Web Design course in Kolkata. The  Kolkata web design training institute is known for its quality  training. For further information, You can check here the course  details .