Advance PHP Training in Kolkata

All PHP courses cover the simplest and fundamental concepts. Our advanced PHP course tells you about the tools and concepts and gives you practical knowledge to use them all together and make reliable and protective web applications.

The trainers of our institute make the students tackle the advanced PHP with all the advanced features, and thus Advance PHP Training In Kolkata is becoming more popular.

Features of Advanced PHP

  1. Web application development.
  2. Customized scalable applications.
  3. Zend framework development.
  4. Open-source PHP implementation.
  5. MY-SQL Data modeling.
  6. Web application maintenance.
  7. Application Reengineering and Enhancement.

Here, you can see some features not in the PHP MySQL course; Acesoftech Academy provides all these features in the Advance PHP Training In Kolkata. 

In the advance PHP, you’ll learn-

Acesoftech Academy provides the best Advance PHP Trainingunder the guidance of skilled trainers you’ll learn about the following topics-

  1. Overview of PHP concepts.
  2. A brief study of OO.
  3. OO concepts- a study of classes, objects, and design patterns.
  4. PHP database concept.
  5. Writing a simple PHP CRUD application.
  6. Concepts like; file uploads, file redirection.
  7. A brief study of CakePHP.

Difference Between PHP And Advanced PHP

Since we have already discussed the features of advanced PHP, let us know the difference between PHP and advance PHP. This topic will help you decide which course to opt for and the benefits of going with the advanced PHP course. Acesoftech offers both PHP training and Advance PHP TrainingSo, the following differences will make you more clear about the two topics-

  1. PHP is a very simple programming language, but advanced PHP has a fixed set of rules to be followed.
  2. Advanced PHP is a big-time saver, while PHP requires a lot of time.
  3. Advanced PHP is like solving a maths question with the use of a calculator. On the other hand, PHP is like solving a maths question with paper and pen.

Who Is Advanced PHP Training For?

  1. Someone who builds advanced PHP applications.
  2. Group working on advanced PHP projects.

What Are The Requirements To Learn Advance PHP?

  1. An understanding of HTML, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT is required.
  2. He/she should have good knowledge of PHP web developments.

Why Acesoftech Industry?

The content and infrastructure of Acesoftech academy are at the top and are also the leading Advanced PHP Training In Kolkata. The trainers in our industry are highly skilled and have a vast knowledge of web developments with years of experience.

They have understood the requirements of the students, and now they know how to train and build healthy, strong, and competitive trainees.

Due to this Covid-19 pandemic, our academy also provides online classes with a highly skilled faculty. We also provide a 100% job assistance guarantee. After completing the course, we provide a certificate and placements for all the trainees. Learn this course at a very budget-friendly price. Enroll now!


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