Drupal Training In Kolkata

If you’re looking for Drupal Training In Kolkata, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve arrived to the right location. This course is offered at Acesoftech Academy Kolkata, which is well-known as one of the premier Drupal CMS training centers. This course is highly intriguing due to its well-organized format and practical exposure to “Live” projects.

Drupal Training In Kolkata is insufficient without understanding of PHP and MySQL (Basic PHP). (As a result, we offer both basic and advanced classes!)

Why Should Web Developers Learn Drupal?

Drupal is a popular open-source content management system that may be used by both groups and individuals. In fact, even individuals with little technical knowledge can effortlessly utilize this CMS. Drupal CMS allows you to create any form of website. You may also control the material with this content management system platform.

The following are some of the advantages of taking a Drupal Training Course In Kolkata:

  • Reliability: Drupal is one of the world’s top three most widely used content management systems. It has a long and illustrious history. Despite the fact that Drupal is still a work in progress, it has shown to be a reliable platform.

  • Lots Of Resources Available: Almost anything you wish to accomplish with the system has already been built and done exceptionally well by others. The fact that nearly all of the most helpful modules (Drupal add-ons) are contributed to the Drupal community is also fantastic news.
  • A Sizable And Committed Community: Since 2001, the Drupal community has grown to be huge, vibrant, and well-functioning. Drupal.org is a must-have resource for newbies and veteran developers alike, where you can delve in for learning material, future news, and ask for help from contributors and specialists.
  • Robust And Practical. You may rest certain that the source code for your Drupal sites was created and designed by Drupal specialists. You will find it simple and convenient to change the system if you want to undertake more sophisticated and advanced tasks. This gives users a significant edge over competing CMS systems.
  • Flexibility: It’s no coincidence that Drupal is regarded as the most adaptable CMS. We’ve always believed that if you have a concept for a function or a piece of content, Drupal can easily implement it.
  • Scalability: By scalability, we mean that you can use a range of contributed Drupal modules to extend your Drupal core to a higher level. What’s amazing about Drupal modules is that they work seamlessly with the Drupal core. They also communicate with the modules flawlessly. This is despite the fact that many modules
  • Security: Drupal has been rigorously tested by Drupal specialists and contributors to ensure that it adheres to strict security guidelines. It has a high level of built-in security. Drupal will lock down any directory it is installed in, making essential data and configuration files inaccessible.

Content For Drupal Training Course In Kolkata

  • The development flow and file structure are discussed.
  • The coding structure, as well as the database setup, are created and discussed.
  • Page layouts and CSS, menu navigation, monitoring, and disaster recovery are just a few of the topics covered.
  • Install the modules that are supported by the community.
  • Make a module of your own.
  • Project based on real life.

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