In 2023, You Should Choose AngularJS Over React

While both React and Angular have gained popularity in front-end development in 2023, there are some reasons why developers continue to prefer Angular JS. The simplicity and ease of use of AngularJS make it one of the most reliable JavaScript frameworks for web development. Moreover, AngularJS doesn’t require any needless obsolete code and has a bundle of incredible capabilities.

We will compare both frameworks and discuss the features that make AngularJS superior to React in this blog post.

Overview of the Angular Framework

Angular, an open-source web framework backed by Google, was first released in 2010 as AngularJS. It enables angular developers to leverage HTML as a template language, customize DOM elements and write code with JavaScript syntax. This widely utilized JavaScript framework offers a variety of features such as Angular directives, dependency injection, two-way data binding, a robust engine, and preloaded form validation.

Here are a few facts about Angular

  • Provides insight into the latest Angular code.
  • Download speed is improved by reducing the size of the payload.
  • Angular development is faster.
  • For both small and large projects, it is a compelling and resourceful framework.

Angular’s features

  • Typescript saves time.
  • Coding that is clear and concise.
  • HTTP, AJAX, and observable support is built-in.
  • Error handling has been enhanced.
  • The developer community supports it extensively.
  • Separate the user interface from the business logic.


Angular’s pros and cons

The pros

  • Code is clear and concise.
  • Code is updated using the CLI.
  • Code should be readable and testable.
  • The material design library is great.
  • A sufficient number of problem-solving patterns.

The Cons

  • It is possible for a newbie to get confused about the characteristics of Angular.
  • TypeScript and other components need to be learned.


Overview of the React Framework

Developed in 2013, React is a JavaScript library for creating interactive web applications. Due to its component-based architecture, this framework is becoming increasingly popular. Reacts lets the coder reuse the logical section of any web application while changing its view. As a result of its self-contained constituents, maintenance and enhancements are very straightforward.

React’s features

  • Lightning-fast speed and improved user experience.
  • Architecture based on components.
  • Third-party library support.
  • One-directional data binding enhances code stability.

React’s pros and cons

The pros

  • An easy-to-learn HTML-like syntax makes explanations widely accessible.
  • JavaScript is used instead of frame-specific code.
  • Renders on the server.


The cons

  • Documentation is less.
  • MVC’s limited section.
  • JSC may seem daunting to a newbie.


AngularJS vs React: A quick comparison

Angular is an open-source JavaScript web development framework, whereas ReactJS is a JavaScript library. Both frameworks are built using Typescript and React is built using JSX. AngularJS is suitable for building complex enterprise applications, such as single-page apps and advanced web applications. Due to its multiple built-in functions, Angular has an extreme learning curve, whereas React has a smaller package size.

AngularJS’ popularity

Both web development frameworks are popular among the developer community. In the world, AngularJS is used by 234,456 industries with 10 to 50 employees and 1M-10M dollars in revenue. AngularJS holds a market share of around 6.2%. The following image illustrates the popularity of the Angular web development framework across different business verticals.

Angular development is used by reputable brands

Some of the reputed companies include the following in their web development assets:

  • Search engines
  • Intuit
  • Payza
  • Wikipedia
  • Investopedia
  • Gmail etc.

Angular Development: Why Companies Are Shifting

Aside from reducing the need to write long codes, you will also benefit from using the AngularJS framework when developing web applications. The JavaScript framework is well known for reducing the amount of time spent writing long, complicated codes. A rich feature set makes web development easier and hassle-free. Further, it is not a complex framework like others, so you are not burdened with coding.

This open-source JavaScript framework is based on an MVC architecture that maintains data and simplifies the creation of websites. You only need to split the web application and the AngularJS framework manages the rest. MVC architecture helps you build web pages that execute faster and are scalable.

Any web development would be incomplete without proper testing and debugging. AngularJS emphasizes the testing part by allowing you to insert sample data into the controller and check the output, so that any project can be delivered error-free. Furthermore, the web development framework also helps in removing unwanted pages and tests the quality of the website, which gives developers a thorough understanding of any errors in the website.

Enhanced security is essential for all businesses that operate online. AngularJS provides developers with a secure environment by utilizing an HTTPS interface in order to exchange data with its servers. To guarantee the safety of your customers, simply adhere to existing security guidelines.

HTML is less complicated than JavaScript, so it creates a declarative and interactive user interface. By determining what loads first, the declarative and instinctive nature of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) saves you time. As a result, you get an intuitive user interface, which further provides an exceptional user experience. You simply need to define what you want and AngularJS will take care of it spontaneously. If you are looking for AngularJs training institute in Kolkata, Acesoftech Academy provides you advanced and industrial AngularJs courses.

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