MEAN Stack Training in Kolkata

Mean Stack Training in Kolkata is a very new technology that is becoming very popular in developing a website.

This technology uses both front ends as well as back-end languages. One must be thinking that it is a new language for the MEAN Stack course, but it is very old, and the name of the language is Javascript. It is the only language that uses both the front end and a back end to create web applications.

The front end and the back end are being covered under a single roof, so MEAN Stack is Full-Stack.

The Components of Mean Stack Are As Follows

  1. Angular: Angular is an open javascript software that is building websites and web applications. There are various benefits of Angular in web development are:
  • Consistency: One of the benefits of Angular in MEAN stack technology is consistency. It is a key feature that is creating a component, module, or service.
  • Productivity: Another benefit of Angular in MEAN Stack is its productivity. An increase in productivity is much better than consistency. Developers can easily find out what a component, utility, or function does. One can master the art of writing a component after another will look easy if one follows the guidelines and code structure.
  • Maintainability: Another main benefit of Angular in MEAN Stack is maintainability. It means that one will not waste time worrying about the new packages are supported or not or being puzzled about which version one should choose or think when a package needs the latest version update.
  1. Nodejs: It allows its users to create web servers and build web apps with the execution of javascript. It can even run on windows and can also build real-time data-intensive apps. There are some good uses of Nodejs, which are as follows:
  • Stream live events
  • Game servers
  • Build client-side applications
  • Chat applications.
  • Some brands are using Nodejs, such as Netflix, Uber, PayPal, LinkedIn, etc.
  1. ExPress: ExPress in MEAN stack training in Kolkatais a mature, flexible, and lightweight framework used for server-side applications and builds single-page, multi-page, or hybrid web applications. 
  2. MongoDB: MongoDB is an open-source, multi-perform database. By using MongoDB, one can build a new web application by using just one language, which is its biggest advantage.
  • The advantages of using MongoDB are as follows:
  • In MongoDB, it stores the data in documents, making it very flexible and adapts to business requirements.
  • To improve searching performance, MongoDB provides indexing, and people use it in all fields in a MongoDB document.
  • MongoDB balances the load and duplicates the data to keep the system running by splitting the data.
  1. Why MEAN stack Training in Kolkata from us?

MEAN, M stands for MongoDB, E stands for ExPress, A stands for Angular, and N stands for Nodejs. It is a JavaScript stack that one can use for creating applications.

Benefits of MEAN Stack

The benefits of MEAN Stack Training in Kolkata are that it is scalable, flexible, and extensible, which makes a perfect thing for a user for cloud hosting. It also saves cost savings and improves the performance of the cloud.

In MEAN, one does not have to hire a different specialist to create each part of an application, and one uses a single pool of JavaScript developers to work adaptively, where and when needed.

  1. Pre-requisites for MEAN Stack Course

The Pre-requisites for the MEAN stack course are as follows:

  • As it has source documents, it is often updated.
  • Creating applications through Nodejs is easy is it provides a good variety of JavaScript modules.
  • The clients and the server sides can write in only one language, making it a simple and fast language.
  • Through MEAN, the transfer of codes from a particular framework to another framework is easy.
  • Creating applications through MEAN Stack is less costly.
  1. MEAN Stack Projects: MEAN stack development projects are an amalgamation of JavaScript-based technologies for creating web applications. It is an acronym for M for MongoDB, E for ExPress, A for Angular, and N for Nodejs. 

One can easily start a MEAN Stack Project in the following ways:

  •  login to the server
  • Creation of a new folder for the project
  • Create a new ExPress project
  • Start the application.
  1. MEAN Stack Jobs: Experts who are familiar with both client-side and server-side programming are MEAN stack developers. Companies need Mean stack developers for various reasons as they can work with multiple technologies and even handle more projects than other programmers. 

The future of MEAN stack training in Kolkata looks very attractive and promising due to the huge demand for MEAN stack developers in the coming years.

  1. MEAN Stack Testimonials : 

The testimonials of the MEAN Stack course are as follows:

  • It simplifies the server
  • The application is always kept simple
  • It decreases your workload
  • Uses one single language for the development of Stack
  • Makes development of applications much faster and easier


The frequently asked questions about MEAN Stack Training in Kolkata are:

  1. Why should one pursue the MEAN Stack course?

ANS: MEAN helps users in developing web applications quickly.

  1. What will a candidate achieve after learning this course?

ANS: Learning about MEAN will help understand the basic components of MEAN and learn about the latest technologies.

  1. Why PHP Kolkata?

ANS: Through PHP Kolkata, one would get practical experience in many courses, and the industry experts give an idea about applications and challenges about upcoming technologies.

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