PHP MySQL Training Course In Kolkata

On seeing the growing demand for professionals in the IT sector, many people are extracting the benefits of this rapid growth, and people set up institutes to teach PHP MySQL.

However, these institutes also guarantee their students jobs and must be very careful in choosing the appropriate institute. Also, if a person wants to learn PHP MySQL Training course in Kolkata, then the best institute for it is the Acesoftech academy, which guarantees student placement.

Introduction to PHP MySQL 

A scripted language that helps in the development of websites through an open-source is PHP, whereas MySQL helps in the management of the database. The amalgamation of both PHP MySQL creates website development apps, and the users will get user-friendly websites that will be flexible.

The interface of the graphics would also be very good in this training.

Types of PHP 

There are eight types of PHP which are as follows:

  1. String: A PHP string means a sequence of characters.
  2. Integer: A number with no decimal is known as an Integer in PHP.
  3. Float: A number that has a decimal is known as float.
  4. Boolean: When there are two conditions such as TRUE or FALSE, it is referred to as Boolean in PHP data type.
  5. Array: A single variable storing multiple values is known as an Array in PHP.
  6. Object: A data type that stores the data and information on data processing is known as an Object.
  7. Null Value: A special data type having just one value is Null in PHP.
  8. Resource: A place where all the data relating to functions and resources and which does not have an actual data type is known as Resource.

Features of PHP

There are different features and characteristics of PHP:

  1. Simple: PHP is much simpler and easier than other scripting languages, and people use it widely.
  2. Fast: Another feature of PHP is that it is much faster than other languages.
  3. Open source: PHP is open source as a user does not have to pay for it and can be downloaded free of cost.
  4. Independent Platform: It means that a user can use it on any platform, which makes it a great feature of PHP.

Features of MySQL

There are several features of MySQL:

  1. Reliability: An important feature of MySQL is that it is reliable and has consistency.
  2. Secure: Security is important in every field, and MySQL gives us a sense of security as it is password encrypted, and this is why this makes it an important feature.
  3. Open source: Just like PHP, MySQL is also open-source as it can also be easily used, downloaded, and easily understandable for its user, which makes it an important reason why this training is reliable.
  4. Efficient: The main reason why MySQL is efficient as the chances of memory leakage is very low.

PHP MySQL Training in Kolkata is a very reliable and easy course that helps users get knowledge about various things, such as PHP helps in the development of websites, and MySQL helps in the management of the database.

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