What is Graphics Design

When did you see the name graphics? What comes to your mind? You think about those attractive advertisements in the magazines and newspapers, the images that are attractively designed and amazingly arranged, while these are complete examples of graphic design. The term graphic design includes designs on posters, book covers, logos, signs, advertisement boards, websites, etc., and the counting continues.

So, what is graphic design? Bringing up examples cannot fill the glass. An American graphic designer once said, “Graphic design is the art of designing and composing a text or image visually. In other words, graphic design means giving out ideas or texts in an artistic way. Therefore, learning graphics has become an important phase of life. Thus, Acesoftech Academy provides the best GRAPHIC DESIGN TRAINING IN KOLKATA.

Types of Graphic Design

As said earlier, graphic design doesn’t have any single or proper definition or meaning. There are many graphic courses which you can learn. Graphic design is open to everyone. It offers courses for people with different interests and provides career options. Some of the most basic examples/ courses of Graphic Design are-

  1. Website design involves creating a website, designing and creating an overall layout such as color combinations, text form, and arranging all the images in an eye-grabbing way.
  2. User experience (UX) design ensures that the public using a website or app is satisfied and doesn’t face any issues. Thus, the work of these designers is to focus on stability, usability, and checking all the functions of the website or application.
  3. Motion graphics design or animation that brings visual segments like effects, advertisements, video games, etc.

These are the basic courses that come under Graphic design. Apart from these, there are a lot more our institute Acesoftech Academy provides and is also the leading institute for GRAPHIC DESIGN TRAINING IN KOLKATA.

Scope Of Graphic Designing In India

A picture speaks louder than words. Thus, graphic design has become an important part of the digitally growing world. As a result, the demand for graphic designers is increasing drastically. The work of Graphic designers is found on every platform. It also has great career opportunities with incredible pay. Here are some platforms where a graphic designer may be hired.

ü Magazines

ü Newspapers

ü Advertising Agencies

ü Television

ü Websites

ü Fashion Industries

ü Show Business

To become efficient in working for Graphic Design and building a non-comparable career, Acesoftech is the best GRAPHIC DESIGN TRAINING INSTITUTE IN KOLKATA.

The Payor Salary Of A Graphic Designer

A graphic designer earns ₹350000 per year, and the monthly amount equals ₹29,000. An experienced graphic designer can expect and can earn a lot more than the mentioned amount. Money comes with efficient training and learning. Our academy offers the best GRAPHIC DESIGN TRAINING INSTITUTE IN KOLKATA. 

Why Acesoftech Academy?

Acesoftech Academy is the leading GRAPHIC DESIGN INSTITUTE IN KOLKATA. It is an institute with positivity, motivation and has the urge to achieve its respective goals. The teachers are very supportive and are highly skilled. Our academy provides both online and offline classes and lives video projects.

After completing the course, we provide you with a certificate and guarantee 100% placement/job assistance. Become a Graphic designer now, register yourself with us and get a course at a pocket-friendly price.

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