What is Ionic

Ionic helps to build high-performance mobile apps that make and look any platform beautiful. It helps to build high-quality mobile apps, desktop apps, web apps. The ionic framework mainly focuses on front-end experience. It also integrates with several other platforms such as Angular, Cordova. Ionic has a framework with angular. Karmick Institute is well known for IONIC ANGULAR HYBRID TRAINING IN KOLKATA.

Why Learn Angular?

Ionic Angular is an amazing choice for creating functions for an application that can work on several apps and multiple devices. The main advantage of learning angular is that we have to create the app once rather than multiple devices. Thus, it makes the app fast, easy, and cost-efficient. The other pros to learn ionic Angular are the following-

  • Freedom
  • Easy to learn
  • Large device market share
  • Number of job opportunity
  • Easy entry to the market
  • High quality of applications

Ionic Angular Syllabus

To become efficient in the working for angular Karmick Institute is the best IONIC ANGULAR HYBRID TRAINING INSTITUTE IN KOLKATA. It provides the best faculty to complete and makes you feel comfortable understand the whole angular syllabus, which is the most important and a hard task. As the syllabus is vast, our team focuses on clearing all the learners’ queries; thus, the syllabus is divided into modules. The modules provided are-

  1. Why Angular
  2. Understanding Angular versions
  3. Understanding Angular 4
  4. Angular Features
  5. Typescript and E26
  6. Working with Angular CLI
  7. Main building blocks of Angular
  8. Angular modules
  9. Angular Libraries
  10. Components
  11. Templating
  12. Directives
  13. Pipes

Why Acesoftech

Acesoftech is the leading IONIC ANGULAR HYBRID TRAINING INSTITUTE IN KOLKATA. It is a state-of-the-art infrastructure. The teachers in our institute are highly skilled and focus on building competitive learners. They give their best so that each student who passes out from our institute has great future opportunities. We serve 24*7 and also provide the facility to work on live projects.

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, our institute also provides online and offline classes. After completing the course, our institute also provides a certificate and guarantees 100% placement/ job assistance. Besides everything, our institute provides this course for you at a very pocket-friendly price i. e, RS 20,000 only, during this pandemic situation if you invest this money in this course and straight after 3months you’ll see yourself earning double the amount.

Career Scope And Job Opportunities

After completion of the course, you will have comprehensive knowledge about angular development. After this course, you can pursue as a software engineer, software developer, etc. You will work with different companies even after being a software engineer because Angular is so popular amongst the major software companies. The future looks very bright indeed. The companies that can hire you after this course are-

  1. Google, Inc
  2. International business machines Corp
  3. Microsoft Corp
  4. Intel Corporation
  5. Cisco Systems Inc

Angular is an amazing, flexible JavaScript framework. However, due to its work popularity, more angular developers are required in the industry. Build your career now with Acesoftech, the IONIC ANGULAR HYBRID TRAINING INSTITUTE IN KOLKATA. Budget-friendly and the leading institute in town, registery ourself now!

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