What is Word Press?

Word Press is the most common and the simplest way to create a website or blog. Therefore, 40% website comes under word press; more than one in four websites are created. Word press is an open-source website management system. It means anyone can use word press and create his/her website. Anyone need not be a developer and can also work on websites without having any programming knowledge.

In this digitalized modern era, everyone across the world wants their business on the web. Thus, learning and knowing how to create websites/blogs on Word Press has become an important part of our lives. Thus, Acesoftech Academy is leading in the WORD PRESS TRAINING IN KOLKATA.

Types of websites we can make through Word Press. 

Before, WordPress was used for creating a blog instead of any website. Now, this statement isn’t true. All credit goes to coding and word press. We can create any type of website or blog on word press. Word Press not only brings the business online but is also reputed for making an e-commerce store. With the help of Word Press, we can make-

  1. Business websites.
  2. Blogs and contents.
  3. E-Commerce stores.

Acesoftech Academy provides WORD PRESS TRAINING IN KOLKATA and is one of the leading institutes that builds the learners to easily work on word-press and build a lavish career in it.

Why is word press so popular/ Why should we learn word press?

As we have already discussed that 40% of the websites on the pages are managed by word press, including the huge ones like Microsoft. But why should we opt for word press? We can create any type of website on word-press and let us study more reasons to learn word press-

  1. Word press is free and open-source software– One of the biggest advantages of Word press is that it is free, and you can create any website on word press. You need not pay any money for using WordPress, although you have to invest some money while hosting.
  2. Word Press is protractible– We can use Word Press even we do not know to code, or even if we aren’t a developer. We can modify our websites by using different themes and plugins. Our academy Acesoftech provides us with WORD PRESS TRAINING IN KOLKATA, and with the best faculty, they give us knowledge on themes and plugins.
  3. Word Press is simple to install– As we have repeatedly been telling, we don’t need to have any coding knowledge, and we may not be developers, but still, we can work on word-press and create our websites. Just a few clicks on your laptop, and you are ready to use Word press. A free tool that you can use to install Word press is DevKinsta.

Career opportunities with Word Press

Nowadays, it’s an amazing opportunity to learn word press and become an expert in this field. There is a variety of options that you can pursue after learning word press. If you choose our academy, we provide you with a 100% placement guarantee, and it is the best WORD PRESS TRAINING INSTITUTE IN KOLKATA. After learning word press, you can work as a content writer and write articles on word press, you can become a website developer, and the list goes on.

Acesoftech Academy is the leading institute, with a team of the best teachers and 24*7 guidance. We guarantee your time spend with us will be worth the results. In this COVID-19 pandemic situation, our institute provides offline and online classes and is the institute you are looking for WORD PRESS TRAINING IN KOLKATA.



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